A commercial locksmith in newark installs a lockOwning or managing a business is no easy feat. Part and parcel of this experience is security. You want to keep employees, customers, inventory, and money safe, whether you run a mom-and-pop shop or a multi-billion-dollar corporation. When you need a commercial locksmith in Newark, it’s important to find one that’s trustworthy and capable.

Solutions for Commercial Security that Newark Companies Need Today

Business owners expect the right mix of service and product solutions. Their management teams may have presented them with problems. Now, they need someone who offers them a solution. The commercial locksmith in Newark that members of the business community call has to do exactly that — and more.

How to Promote Security at Your Business

Service and product options should run the gamut from the mundane to the extraordinary. Examples of locksmith services include:

  • Installing and maintaining multiple door locks including deadbolts
  • Replacing existing standard locks with mechanical devices and providing key control systems for them
  • Inspecting and repairing crash bars that tend to sustain damage quickly in dock and lobby areas
  • Providing new keys for incoming employees; at times, it becomes necessary to re-key the business
  • Looking for signs of vandalism, product failure, and proactively repairing or replacing hardware as needed

But why stop there? A commercial locksmith Newark business owners can trust must also provide security audits. After all, these pros spend time each day in the field. They’ve seen it all. They know what burglars try and how vandals attack commercial properties. If you have any questions, visit out locksmith FAQ page to learn more.

For someone who spends time with many business owners, it makes sense to offer advice and guidance on products. A comprehensive security audit should feature services such as:

  • Security evaluation of door and window locks
  • Gate location opportunities that would make certain areas of your facility less vulnerable to break-ins
  • Code compliance
  • Easy exit point implementation for workers and customers to prevent injuries in emergencies
  • Safety evaluation of the premises when you engage all locks

The Commercial Locksmith Newark Calls Offers an Automotive Key Department

You’ll need the majority of locksmith services for your actual property. Some locks may be those on the file cabinets you keep closed. Others are the deadbolts you want an expert to re-key. But sometimes, your business’ vehicles also need attention.

Countless issues can occur with company vehicles. Maybe your delivery driver locks her or himself out of the van. Your crew manager drops the vehicle anti theft system (VATS) down a utility hole cover. Perhaps your worker locks up all the supplies and leaves the keys in the ignition. Whatever the problem might be, a commercial locksmith can handle this job.

Duplicating a key is no problem. In fact, it’s a good idea so that someone else on the work crew has a second set — just in case. If the key breaks off in the ignition, it’s a snap to get it out and make the necessary repairs. For the business that adopts a forward-looking approach, there’s the duplication of VATS or regular re-keying of vans or trucks.

How to Find a Commercial Locksmith in Newark

A wide-ranging menu of services offers you convenience. You’re running a business. You don’t have time to call multiple locksmiths to perform different types of jobs because a locksmith shop doesn’t offer comprehensive services. If you own a business in New Jersey, a commercial locksmith in Newark can help. Contact Pop-A-Lock or request a quote online. These experts are a quick call away at 866-343-6504.